Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy August 04 2014

Shakespeare has been tried and tested throughout the ages and stood resilient. Most play writers throughout the ages are unknown, yet all of Western culture knows Shakespeare.  Why is this?  The main reason is that Shakespeare's plays are full of truths to which all men can relate. Shakespeare's plays are written from a Christian worldview, full of biblical principles.  Truths that come from God's word will not change because God not change.  Shakespeare captures man’s sin nature(depravity) and Christ's redemptive grace (salvation) in a way which has connected with countless audiences.


 Pastor Tom Brown is the son of a Shakespearean lecturer and author of the book Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy, by David R. Brown. He was raised on Shakespeare; seeing every Shakespearean play on the professional stage countlessof times since he was 5 years old.  To keep his son interested in these plays which have a play with language that is hard to understand, Tom's father would teach him the Biblical principles that are in the in the play they were about to see and challenge him to find these important truths in each performance.  Classes will emphasize the Biblical morals illustrated in the plays of Shakespeare.   Come and see why Shakespeare is for everyone to enjoy!

Pastor Tom will teach a 10- week class for grades 7-12 called:  "Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy" on Thursdays from 3:00-3:50pm at Eagle's Nest.  Sept. 11 - Nov. 20. There will be a fee and required texts.

Call (925) 415-3250, or send an email to to sign up for this class.