Confessions of a Curriculum Junkie March 03 2014, 0 Comments

I love curriculum.  Any and all of it.  I really don't care how big, small, glitzy, or plain it is.  I love the thrill of opening the newly delivered box of books.  I love hanging out at the curriculum store for hours, going up and down the isles seeing all the pretty books on a shelf (prettier to me - almost - than a garden full of colorful flowers).  I love thumbing through various brands of curriculum and comparing similar levels to each other.  Ok, I think you get the point.  I LOVE CURRICULUM. 

That's why when we heard of a curriculum store for sale, and we discussed the possibility of buying it, I was ecstatic!  Like a little girl in a candy store (only without the headache that would come from a sugar overdose).

You see, I used to love sharing my experiences with people who would ask me which curriculum we used for this or that.  As well as sharing all the research that I had done, the philosophy of X and the opposite philosophy of Y, I would explain why I thought each one that we used was the best of its category.

And then something changed.  I realized that everything I was sharing with others was founded on me; what I liked, what I thought fit our family the best.  I realized the best was not always the best after all.  I also realized that what I was sharing that we had done would overwhelm others (Hi, I'm Teresa, a recovering work-a-holic.)  What I had missed  in my years of "sharing" was explaining the foundation that my husband and I had.  I was sharing about great curriculum, literature, methods, etc., but forgetting to share the foundation (dare I say "core") of our curriculum.  That core is the Bible and building Godly character in the children.  Many different curriculum can be used to reach the same final goal.

Written by: Teresa