Gunn Production's Light Wins: How to Overcome the Criminalization of Christianity

$ 19.95

ISBN 798576767365

Parental warning: This videos deals with topics young children may not be ready to hear about. 

"This ground-breaking, eye-opening film will awaken viewers to the fact that being a spectator is no Longer an option." Gov. Mike HuckabeePlease enjoy this amazing new video from my good friend Janet Porter called Light Wins: How to overcome the Criminalization of Christianity.  I helped Janet a little bit during production by giving her a few notes, not that she really needed my guidance.  Janet's film really does the job it intends to do well. Please watch this film, you will find a massive cast of qualified experts including David Barton, Ken Ham and Governor Mike Huckabee.  In my opinion the most powerful aspect of the film are the ex-homosexuals that testify to the power the power of the gospel and the work of the spirit in redeeming people from the homosexual lifestyle.

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