Animals Born Alive and Well

$ 7.99

Paperback; ISBN: 9780698117778

Perfect for introductory science and biology lessons! 

What do mammals have in common?

They have fur. They nurse their young. They breathe fresh air. But what else?

Explore nature and discover a variety of mammals—also known as viviparous animals—and the many ways that they are unique from one another.
“Here are twenty double-page spreads all bright with mammals. Large, tiny, . . . unusual—they are all here in repeatable rhymes, and a million-dollar word (viviparous) is tossed in for good measure.”
—The Provident Bookfinder

“Both simple and surprising, Heller's sprightly picture books use verse and unusually harmonious pictures to introduce the animal kingdom. Chickens lists some of the many good things that come in egg packages, while Animals mentions all manner of mammals.”
—Publishers Weekly

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