CalcuPak 2, Home Edition 4.0

$ 31.95

ISBN 9781590570173

Includes CalcuLadders 4-6 and AlphaBetter. Skills covered: intermediate and advanced division; fractions; percents; place value; rounding and estimating; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals; English/metric units and unit conversion, basic geometry; alphabetical order; alphabetizing skills; dictionary skills.

Although the print versions of the Calculadders have gone out of print and the MasterPaks versions have been discontinued, the publisher has transitioned their successful drill program to a windows-driven computer software. CalcuPak 1 contains CalcuLadders 1-3 and ReadyWriter, while CalcuPak 2 contains CalcuLadders 4-6 and AlphaBetter. The software comes on CD and runs on Windows or Mac. After installation, open up the application and you’ll see all of the volumes listed. You can easily print off as many of each drill as you need from this screen, as well as keys and achievement records. Another great feature of the CalcuPack is the CalcuClock™ which can time up to five different students in one sitting. You can shut down the timer if they finish before their time runs out, and when you enter their scores, it will calculate accuracy and performance scores. Please note that upon purchase, we will need to provide the publisher your email address so they can send you an initial activation code.

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