Analytical Grammar - Set

$ 94.95

Paperback; Teacher Book and Student Book

Designed to be taught in three grammar "seasons" over three years, Analytical Grammar is not your average grammar program!

Used successfully with students of varying abilities, the innovative and logical method is not only effective, but actually enjoyable. The step-by-step approach will prepare students for the rigor of college work, while the comprehensive scope ensures mastery. Approaching grammar with the idea that students learn it and then move on, rather than continually re-learning the same concepts over and over, the "spiral" method will help students master grammar once and for all.

Topics covered include:

  • All the parts of speech and parts of the sentence
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Classic sentence diagraming
  • Rules of punctuation and capitalization
  • Common usage errors

The student book contains worksheets that include instructions, three practice pages, a "skill support" page which emphasizes rewriting skills, and separate tests. The teacher's guide includes a day-by-day suggested schedule for each week, as well as a short introduction to teaching each unit. The same lesson notes are included in both the teacher's and student guides; the teacher's guide includes the full-size student worksheets with the correct answers overlaid.This kit includes:

  • Analytical Grammar Student Workbook, 396 pages, softcover.
  • Analytical Grammar Teacher Book, 392 pages, softcover.

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