About Us

We would like to introduce the new owners of Eagle's Nest Homeschool Supply to you. Brian and Jeff Eschen are twin brothers, born and raised in the Bay Area, who are both homeschool dads. When they heard that Eagle's Nest was for sale they had a strong desire to continue the wonderful legacy that the Szabo family started. So they, by God's grace, bought the store to continue to provide homeschoolers a place to find excellent educational materials, as well as to give their children a hands-on business opportunity.

We have been open in San Ramon, CA since May 17th, 2014.  Please come on by!  We are located at 12907 Alcosta Blvd., Ste. E., San Ramon, CA 94583, and our doors are open by appointment only.  Call (925) 415-3250.  Please leave us a message if we don't answer immediately (we are homeschool families and sometimes don't get to the phone right away!).  We would love to serve you; we love talking to homeschoolers. Please don't hesitate to call with any questions or to make an appointment.

Eagle’s Nest’s Kids

Brianna Eschen

Brianna is 18 and the oldest of 3 kids. Since the time she learned to walk (she decided to skip crawling), she has delighted in helping out with the family’s work. Writing and music are her favorite subjects, violin being the best of her several instruments. Outside of school, she enjoys playing sports with friends and family, picking up bits of foreign languages, as well as practicing her other instruments. As the eldest of all the Eschen children, Brianna has taken on a lot of the leadership duties of Eagle’s Nest - you could say she is the “conductor” of the Eschen youth “orchestra.”

Andrew Eschen

Andrew, at 18, is the oldest of 8 children. His favorite subjects are team policy debate, aviation, and S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math). His favorite extra curricular activity is dirt biking. Andrew has a love of books and is quite knowledgeable about what the store carries. Talking to and helping customers is his favorite thing to be doing at Eagle’s Nest.  Andrew has just started his first year of college (2019) at Union University in Jackson, TN.

Josiah Eschen

Josiah, the second born in his family, is 17 years of age. While he is excellent at math, his favorite school subject is cello. Outside of school his favorite activity is ultimate frisbee. He spends a lot of his free time competing in frisbee and practicing cello. His precession and detail with numbers is very helpful when working on inventory the most enjoyable aspect of work in his mind.

Gwendolyn Eschen

Gwen is 16 years old and is the second oldest in a family of 8. Her favorite subjects are history and music. She plays two instruments, cello and piano. Basketball soccer and drawing are some more things she enjoys. Pricing used books is her favorite job at Eagle’s Nest. Gwen is always cheerful and ready to lend a hand.

Risa Eschen

15 year old Risa is the youngest of three kids. At 10th grade, she is an avid science enthusiast. Her interest ranges from biology to chemistry and geology, specifically birds and rocks. She thoroughly enjoys exploring various geological features with her cousin Leah. Risa’s name means laughter and she displays this each time she assists our customers at conventions, her favorite Eagle’s Nest activity.

Leah Eschen

Leah is 14 years old and the third child in her family. She has 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Leah is in 9th grade and her favorite subjects are science and Here to Help Learning, Beth Mora’s incomparable writing program. She also loves to paint and swim with her many cousins. In her opinion, the most exciting work at Eagle’s Nest is when we all form an assembly line and work together to transport books up and down the stairs, from storage to the shelves. Her sweet demeanor is an invaluable part of our store.

Parents of the Nest

Teresa Eschen

Teresa is the wonderful wife of Brian Eschen. They have 3 children that they have homeschooled from the beginning. As a new homeschool parent, Teresa appreciated all the wisdom and help she received from other families who had already homeschooled their kids, in some cases all the way through high school. Years later, as her children grew, she realized that she was no longer the one seeking the advice but the one giving advice. Knowing what it was like to be the young homeschool mom, a desire to help the homeschool community began to develop inside her. As a teenager, she had worked in a christian book store in her home town of Pella, IA. It occurred to her that a book and supply store for homeschoolers would be an amazing way to aid homeschooling families. This passion spread to her family members and today, Eagle’s Nest is the fulfillment of that dream.

Teresa prays that this store will be a blessing to all those who come in contact with it.

Brian Eschen

Brian and his twin brother Jeff are the owners of Eagle’s Nest. Brian has a passion for history and is gifted in teaching. It is no surprise then that he teaches a history class! With his love of words, he is an able writing teacher as well. He also enjoys sports and teaches a p.e. class for homeschoolers. Brian, as the older of the twins, makes most of the decisions as well as doing more of the social aspects of the store.

Jeff Eschen

In 2011 Jeff moved down to CA from OR where he was an accountant to work in the family business. With both his family and his brothers family living near each other, they decided to buy Eagle’s Nest from its previous owner and set up shop together in the Bay Area. Although he and his family have since moved to NV, he continues to be a big part of the supply store, coming down regularly to assist in the work. As the store continues to grow, Jeff teaches different classes such as logic, apologetics, church history, civics, and economics based on the needs of homeschoolers in the area. He also takes care of the financial aspects of the business.

Jessica Eschen

Jessica is the loving wife of Jeff Eschen and the mother of 8 wonderful children. As you can imagine, after teaching all her kids, she has some excellent input about what products the store should carry. She's also great at doing all the little odd jobs that otherwise go unnoticed! Her favorite roll to play is cook. When everyone is together for Eagle’s Nest purposes, all can look forward to coming home (or to a hotel) to find a scrumptious meal awaiting them.