Homeschooling through High school

Homeschooling through High school can be very intimidating.  But you can do it!  Below are some resources to help you homeschool through high school.  (This is a work in progress!)

California requirements for high school graduation:  Click here to be directed to the California Department of Education's page on high school graduation requirements. 

HSLDA: HSLDA gives a lot of practical and legal advice on homeschooling through high school.

The Home Scholar: I (Teresa) have listened to Lee Binz speak at the VHE Conference in Modesto.  I really appreciated her approach to prioritizing your family's goals first and the state's goal's second.

Jay Wile: Dr. Wile, of  1st and 2nd edition Apologia Science book fame, has some good insights into homeschooling through high school. (This is a pdf file which will download onto your computer, not a website.)