Paragraph Writing Class

Paragraph Writing for Grades 1-6

This 32 week class, taught by Brian Eschen, will teach the writing process using Here to Help Learning's writing program.  The class will meet on Tuesdays (beginning Sept. 8, 2015), from 2:00 - 2:50 p.m., at the Eagle's Nest.  Cost for the year will be $150.00, which includes a student workbook, and $100 for each additional sibling.

Call (925) 415-3250, or send an email to to sign up for this class.

Below is an overview of the class:

Projects 1-3 (fall semester) and projects 4-6 (spring semester) consist of the following:

Project#1: All by Myself
Lessons 1-6
Narrative Writing
Students write to encourage younger students. They identify a skill that they learned when they were little and write about their experience.

Project #2: Heroes Today
Lessons 7-11
Descriptive Writing
There are heroes fo the past, but there are also real life heroes today? Students will learn what makes a “hero” and will quickly discover that those whose lives are set to honor God are real life heroes.

Project #3: Good Books Make Me Hungry
Lessons 12-16
Expository Writing
Students learn that the elements of a book are similar to that of a sandwich. They will choose their favorite book and learn to identify and write about each part.

Project#4: Poetry Walk in the Mountains
Lesson 17-21
The adventure begins! Starting in this flight, students hike with Mrs. Mora on the snowy mountains and create five different styles of poetry.

Project#5: Once Upon a Fable
Lessons 22-26
Persuasive Writing
Students learn the difference between a parable and a fable. They will write a fable story to communicate a truth they want others to know.

Project #6: My Own Book
Lessons 27-32
Narrative Fiction
Students write, illustrate, and publish their own picture storybook.

“This is an amazing program that makes writing become enjoyable rather than a challenge for kids. Who knew your elementary aged child could write a book.”

-Gianna W.

My daughter loves, loves, loves your writing program! She has improved so much this year with her writing skills. She was especially enthralled with the poetry section and disappointed when it ended. However, now she writes poetry on her own using her new skills.I am looking forward to using your program again next year.”

-Lynette A.