Resources We Recommend

This page is a work in progress!  Our desire is to help homeschool parents find the resources to best educate their children.  While sometimes this means purchasing curriculum, other times education is much more effective with other resources that provide information and experiences.  Below is a list of resources that we do not sell in our store, but recommend as great educational resources for you and your children, many of which are free.

Developing Entrepreneurial skills using your Children's talents:

10K to Talent: Jonathan Harris is an excellent advisor and guide for helping you discover a talent that builds your child's interests into entrepreneurial skills within the framework of your family's resources and goals.  


The Bible Bee: a resource for helping your children memorize and meditate on scripture.


Moody Science Videos via Free videos teaching science from a Biblical Creationist viewpoint.  Although they were created in the 1950's and 60's, they are engaging.  Great for Elementary aged science studies. 

Aviation Science, Technology and MathAviation education for middle school and high school that encompasses science, technology, engineering, and math.  Andrew has really enjoyed working through this curriculum.

Northwest Treasures:  A great resource for Rockhounds and Geology lovers.  They have Rock Identification and State Geology kits, as well as books on volcanoes and dinosaurs.  They also have geology tours available.  We have really liked the Rock Identification Kit and LOVED the Yellowstone National Park Geology Tour.  This is Risa's favorite resource.

Blackbird & Company Discover Science curriculum:  I recommend this with reservations.  My youngest (Risa) loves to study the periodic table.  This curriculum uses books that have evolution in them, so we won't be carrying the books at EN.  However, the curriculum is great in that it encourages research skills as the child works their way through the periodic table by element group.  


The Institute for Principle Studies (IPS): This is one of our favorite resources for understanding Government, Civics, and Economics from a Biblical point of view.  IPS offers a highly informative, and free Biblical Principles of Government Class, which our family has enjoyed several times.  Check out their website for current schedules - there may be a class near you.

Boundary Stone is our favorite for comprehensive entry-level introduction to Civics (and Economics).  Not only do they offer our favorite text books (the ones we use in our classes) on the subject, but they also provide teaching guides for parents teaching the class, as well as their very own classes. This is a highly recommended resource and indispensable to any comprehensive education.


Fish Economics offers excellent video instruction on basic economic principles.

Boundary Stone is our favorite for comprehensive entry-level introduction to Economics (and Civics). Not only do they offer our favorite text books (the ones we use in our classes) on the subject, but they also provide teaching guides for parents teaching the class, as well as their very own classes. This is a highly recommended resource and indispensable to any comprehensive education. 


Voice of the Martyrs: Great resource for getting educated about fellow believers in different countries, and knowing how to pray for them.  You can then have your children label on a map a country read about on VOM. 

Education Place: Free blackline maps

Speech and Debate clubs:  (Please note, that many clubs require an intro class as a pre-requisite.  These often are only offered in the summer). 

Stoa Speech and Debate: General information on Christian Homeschooling Speech and Debate

Response Speech & Debate Club (Hayward, CA): Taught by Katie Herche.  Follow the instructions on their website for more information.  

Parle Speech & Debate Club (Livermore, CA): Leslie Gowen at for more information.  

Modesto Debate Club: email for more information.  This club is lead by Mike and Mary Winther.  Classes taught: Parliamentary Debate, Team Policy Debate.

Beacon Speech & Debate (Reno, NV): email Alison Crook at for more information.  Classes taught: All speech events, Team Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Parliamentary Debate.

Anna and Bret Wickham are starting a speech club in Martinez, CA for 12 - 18 year old private Christian homeschoolers.  They would love to serve any families that have similar interests.  Classes will meet on alternate Friday afternoons from 1:30 - 4:30pm starting September 8.  There will be an open house for interested parents on Tuesday, August 15.  Parents will be required to serve in some capacity during the year.  Financial costs include $55 for Stoa membership plus any tournament fees which can range from $35 and upward depending on how many tournaments your child attends.  See the Stoa website here for more information.  Classes will be held at the Wickham house in Martinez.  Please email Bret or Anna ASAP here, or call (925) 289-1230 if you are interested.

Brianna Eschen runs a debate club hosted at the Eagle's Nest store in San Ramon.  For more information, contact Brianna here.

Creation Science Museums:

AiG Creation Museum in Kentucky.  

Ark Encounter in Kentucky

Creation Museum in Glendive, MT

Geology Learning Center in Lynnwood, WA

Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee, CA 


Here to Help Learning subscriptions.  Do you have a reluctant writer?  There is a cure.  Check out Here to Help Learning.  We sell the physical product, but HTHL also has internet subscriptions available for a small fee per month.  

Parenting Tips:

Raising Real Men and their podcast Making Biblical Family Life Practical: Good for parents of boys and girls.  

Family Ministries: Reb and Bev Bradley's parenting tips.

Parent Project for parents of teens.  This class is also good for parents of newborns, to help avoid the need for the class when your children are teens! See Hosanna Pathways for local classes offered in San Ramon, CA.

Raising Godly Tomatoes is a great resource full of helpful parenting tips. 

Music lessons:

Brianna Eschen teaches private violin lessons and can be contacted through the Eagle's Nest website here.

Josiah teaches private cello lessons and can be contacted through the Eagle's Nest website here.

Martha Olling teaches piano lessons.  She comes to the house (perfect for homeschoolers!) and is looking for homeschool families.  Email Teresa at if you would like me to give her your contact information.  

Reading Encouragement:

Six Flag's Read to Succeed program is a wonderful way to encourage your children to read.  Unfortunately, they no longer have the free teacher's ticket.

Christian Homeschool Legal Protection and Support:

We believe that both of these organizations are essential for Christian homeschoolers to join and support:

HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association): They provide legal help and protection to homeschoolers from all 50 states.

CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association of California): They provide legal help and support to Christian homeschoolers, specifically from California.

Heritage Defense: They work to advance the Kingdom of Christ by protecting and empowering the biblical family.

Family Protection Ministries: They provide information related to the legal status of private home education and parental rights issues.

American Family Association: They engage the culture with pressure to be more pro-family.


MadeOn Skin Care Products: I love this company's natural lip balm, hard lotion, and soap products.  Renee is a homeschooling mom who runs this business from her home, and has trained her children to work in the business too.