A Reason For Handwriting, Manuscript B, Grade 2

$ 17.95

Paperback; ISBN 9780936785394

I (Teresa) really liked using A Reason for Handwriting with my own children.  The lessons only take 10 - 15 minutes a day (on average) and the Scripture Boarder Sheets that are included with each lesson really inspired my children to do thier best and to make their handwriting a work of art.  By the end of the week they had worked on a Bible verse and a variety of vocabulary words.  I didn't use the Teacher Guide Book, but if you are looking for extra tips and techniques for teaching handwriting, letter formation guides, or vocabulary lists, they can be found in this book!  The A Reason for Handwriting books are supposed to be organized by Grade level, however, I found that I didn't need every level.  If your child is starting at the very beginning, K is a great place to start.  In this book the student pratices slanted lines, straight lines, and circles, as well as tracing letters both lower and upper case.  If your child has those basic skills down, then the next step is Manuscript! Book A (Psalms & Proverbs), or B (The 4 Gospels) would both work, though book B goes more quickly through the alphabet.  Transition C book (NT Epistles) has Manuscript in the first half and Cursive in the second half.  This book is good for a student who needs just a little more Manuscript work, but doesn't need a whole year's worth before starting Cursive.  Books D (The 4 Gospels), E (Pslams), and F (Proverbs), are all for learning and practicing cursive.  I (Teresa), personally, don't see a big difference between the skill levels in these books.  I think the biggest difference is in the verses that are studied.  I encourage you to go look at sample pages here on the publisher's website, but then please come back to us to purchase these books!!!

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