Draw Write Now, Book 4: the Polar Regions, the Artic, the Antarctic

$ 14.99

Paperback; ISBN 9781933407586

For most children, drawing is their first form of written communication. As children mature, their imaginations often race ahead of their drawing skill. Through these creative lessons, the authors take the mystery out of drawing by teaching children to see complex objects as combinations of simple shapes. By exploring a huge range of topics-incorporating geography, history, science, and social studies-children are motivated to practice handwriting in a fun and meaningful way. 

"Book Four: the Polar Regions, the Artic, the Antarctic" focuses on various animals you may find in the both polar regions, animals and the living conditions for people living in the Artic, and the geographical location of the Antarctic. Twenty one based lessons (including icebergs, migration, polar bears, reindeer, krill, scientists, and more), plus three "learn more" lessons are included.

64 glossy, full-color, non-consumable, classroom-reproducible pages; softcover. Answers to the lesson-questions are included. Copywork is in a block manuscript style; parents can have students write using their preferred method. A beginning teaching tip section provides a guide on implementing the book. Grades PreK-Grade3.

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