Famous Figures of Ancient Times

$ 19.95

ISBN 9780081856605

Make Your Own Action Figures From Ancient History! Make history come alive in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, and Jerusalem! Cut-and-color or pre-coloered action figures really move ans you play out the lives of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, King David, Jesus, Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, Hannibal (and his elephant!) and other - or make up your own stories about these powerful men whose fame has lasted for thousands of years. Yes, they really move! Move their arms and legs, use their swords and shields, and act out their stories at home or at school - over and over again. History has never been so much fun! Emperors! Conquerors! Philosophers! These 20 people shaped history - and our world today. Yes, you can also read about their amazing lives, right in this book. Attention Teachers and Parents: use this book to reinforce the wonder of history and to support any ancient history curriculum through hands-on activities. Note: Your child will need a hole punch and inexpensive fasteners (available at stationary or craft stores-please see resources page)

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