God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology: Properties of Matter

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Paperback; ISBN 9781600921629

The biblically based "Gods Design for Chemistry & Ecology" series was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers!Properties of Matter explores experimental science; measuring, states of, and classifying matter; solutions; and food chemistry. Designed for grades 3-8, full-color photos, diagrams, illustrations, special features and fun facts make learning about every aspect of science fun, while key concepts are continually reinforced and explored through chapter review and activities. Color-coded by age group, chapter reviews are separated for 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade students to quickly find their assignments.

This easy-to-use curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants to teach science from a God-centered, creationist point of view. This is one student book of three in the "Gods Design for Chemistry & Ecology" Series; each contains 35 lessons with one final project to merge all the lessons together. At the pace of 3 lessons a week (approximately 30-45 minutes each), you can cover the 3-book series (other books sold separately) within a year. 144 partially reproducible pages, softcover with glossary and index. Grades 3-8. NKJV Scripture used.

The sold-separately God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology: Teacher Supplement & Student CD-ROM features an introduction, appendices, answers to all three book's questions, worksheets, quizzes, and includes the Student Supplement CD-Rom with printable student worksheets & tests.

This Third Edition features many improvements! Here are some of the updated changes made to this series:

  • Full-color lessons
  • Vocabulary lists in each lesson
  • Glossary
  • Updated content where appropriate
  • Additional pictures, illustrations, and diagrams
  • Challenge section (for grades 6-8) added in all the books
  • Added third book (Properties of Ecosystems) to Chemistry series

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