Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 7 Worktext

$ 25.95

Spiral Bound; ISBN 9781931842310

Building upon the previous level, Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 7 covers additional pronouns (interrogative, indefinite, relative, indefinite relative, demonstrative, reflexive, reciprocal); substantives; principal parts; parsing; first and second aorist indicative verbs (all voices); future passive indicative verbs; perfect indicative verbs (all voices); contraction ; contract verbs; third declension nouns; participles; genitive absolute; infinitives; and more. Lots of practice opportunities ensure that lessons are retained and absorbed; students will trace and free-write words; match words with the translations; fill in missing Greek words within a sentence; add the correct endings; identify adjectives; translate sentences; parse and translate the first two chapters of I John; and more. Final Review and cut-out flashcards included. Teaches Biblical (Koine) Greek. 236 pages, spiralbound, softcover.

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