The History of Chivalry and Armour

$ 22.95

Paperback; ISBN 9780486457420

A visual and literary feast, The History of Chivalry and Armour is a study of medieval knights in all their grandeur, fully displaying their instruments of siege, ornaments, and entertainments. Reproduced from a rare nineteenth-century masterpiece, here are the orgins, codes, and practices of knighthood, alongside magnificient hand-colored engravigns of armour weapons, and the men who bore them. Enjoy breathtaking shields, helmets, and horse coverings. Revel in meticulously rendered lances, spears, and spiked clubs, as well as incredibly engineered mobile siege towers and muskets. The richly deocrated equipment used in warfare and jousting shine brightly in this treasury, accompanied by authentic literature from poets and troubadors of the age.

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