Analytical Grammar: Junior Analytical Grammar - Set

$ 39.95

Spiral Bound; Teacher Book and Student Workbook

Thoroughly instruct your students in punctuation, capitalization, and usage with Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics!

15 week-long units are included, with each building upon the previous unit in a "spiral" approach. Units cover six comma rules, capitalization, titles, dialogues, quotations, possessives, and usage agreements and word choice. The student book contains a number of worksheets that include instructions and exercises, as well as separate test pages. The teacher's guide includes a day-by-day suggested schedule for each week. The same lesson notes are included in both the teacher's and student guides; the teacher's guide includes the full-size student worksheets with the correct answers overlaid.

This kit includes:

  • Teacher Book, spiralbound, paperback
  • Student Book, spiralbound, paperback

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