Life of Fred: Farming

$ 16.00

Hardback; ISBN 9780979107290

The sixth book of the Life of Fred Elementary Series; It is recommended to do this book only after you have first completed Apples, Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, & Edgewood, and if your child is in grades Kindergarten and 4th grade.

In the Life of Fred: Farming you’ll find:
Why Many Dolls Have a Vacant Stare, Adding to 14, Litotes, Googol, Three Things in Order to be Great, Oxymorons, Percents, Adding to 16, Rows of a Matrix, Median Average, Collective Nouns, Union of Sets, All of Mathematics Generated by the Empty Set, Proof that the Set of Everything (the Universal Set) Cannot Exist, Cardinality of a Set, Cock-a-doodle-doo in Four Languages, Collinear Points, Numbers vs. Numerals, Borrowing One in Subtraction, Circumference of the World, What Iniquitous Means, the Second Sound Recording Ever Made, the Proof that Every Number is Interesting, Definition of Function, Domain, and Codomain, Flour Fights Are Fun, Rhetorical Questions, the Game of Questions, Caesura, Radius and Ulna, Humerus vs. Humorous, Dollars in Different Denominations.

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