Mathematical Reasoning, Grades 2-4 Supplement

$ 24.99

Paperback; ISBN: 9781601444141

Mathematical Reasoning™ Grades 2-4 Supplement reinforces 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade math concepts by helping students devise strategies to solve a wide variety of math problems as they develop analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for success in higher-level mathematics. These activities encourage students to develop investigative, analytical, and explanatory skills as well as a variety of quantitative and spatial relationships that are an essential part of the foundation of mathematics. Students who successfully complete these books will see gains in vocabulary development, observational skills, and the ability to process mathematical concepts on a much higher level. The activities are arranged in six sections which address six major strands in the elementary mathematics curriculum.

These highly effective activities take students far beyond drill-and-practice by using step-by-step, discussion-based problem solving to develop a conceptual bridge between computation and the reasoning required for upper-level math. Activities and units spiral slowly, allowing students to become comfortable with concepts but also challenging them to continue building their math skills.

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