Mathematical Reasoning, Level G

$ 42.99

Paperback; ISBN: 9781601443144

Mathematical Reasoning helps your child devise strategies to solve a wide variety of grade-appropriate math problems, including area, the coordinate system, critical thinking, decimals, fractions, integers, prime/composite, ratio, order of operations, whole numbers, word problems, and more. Emphasizing problem solving and computation to build necessary math reasoning skills, children will quickly build a base of analytical thinking. 

Instruction is integrated throughout and written directly to the student, allowing teachers to learn and work alongside their pupils. Each section introduces a new topic, and is followed by practice and application activities. A spiral approach is taken, where concepts are reintroduced later in the book in more depth. 

440 reproducible pages, softcover. Grade 6. Answer key included with line-listed answers and graphical representations (charts, graphs, etc.) where necessary.

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