Zeezok's Paganini, Master of Strings - Opal Wheeler

$ 13.95

Paperback; ISBN 9781610060134

Written with warmth and understanding, the present book on Paganini begins with his unhappy childhood along the wharves in Genoa and carries him straight through the tempestuous years when great genius and poverty waged an endless battle, which genius finally won. The boy gave his first concert at eleven, and his success was immediate and brilliant.The later years, however, were given over almost entirely to composing. His compositions were so exquisite and intricate that they became the despair of other musicians, as often only the master was able to play them.Added to a delightful story are some of Paganini's simpler compositions for the young music student to try. It is altogether a perfect biography for the younger group, full of action and exciting adventure, too.

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