Childhood of Famous Americans: Sacagawea - Flora Seymour

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From the Childhood of Famous Americans collection of biographies.

Describes how Sacagawea found adventure guiding Lewis and Clark to the Oregon coast. 

Read a review of  Sacagawea: American Pathfinder by Flora Seymour, written by Leah Eschen (age 9):

The main character is Sacagawea. I like the book because it is easy to read and it tells of her exciting adventures. In one of her adventures she saw a big whale that was washed up on shore. 

Read a review of Sacagawea by Flora Warren Seymour, Illustrated by Robert Doremus, written by Risa J. Eschen, age 10

The book was great.  It was very fun and interesting.  For a while I could not stop reading it, but it would not be a book I would read 2 or more times.  It is an easy book to read, and the wording was excellent.  It was about a young indian girl growing up.  She became famous because she helped a lot on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  They wouldn’t have made it without her.  It is important to read about her because she was important to the expansion of our country.  What I didn’t like very much was it was quite sad, but that was the real story not what the author came up with.  I loved the book.

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