Saxon Math 8/7, Home Study Kit, 3rd Edition

$ 112.10

ISBN 9781591413509

The final stop for Saxon's middle school math, Math 8/7 continues teaching students the way they learn best...through incremental development of new material and continual review of the old. Following Math 7/6, concepts such as arithmetic calculation, measurements, geometry and other skills are reviewed, while new concepts such as pre-algebra, ratios, probability and statistics are introduced as preparation for upper level mathematics. Lessons contain a warm-up, introduction to new concepts, lesson practice where the new skill is practiced, and mixed practice, which is comprised of old and new problems. Designed for students in Grade 7, or Grade 8 for students struggling with math.

The "Tests and Worksheets" book provides a "facts practice test" for each lesson as well as a test covering 5-10 lessons. Investigations are also included.

The solutions manual provides answers for all problems in the lesson (including Warm-up, lesson practice, and mixed practice exercises), as well as solutions for the supplemental practice found in the back of the student text, and the facts practice tests, activity sheets, and tests in the separate tests & worksheets book.

This Saxon Homeschool Kit includes:

  • Student Text; 120 lessons, 931 perforated pages, softcover, 3rd Edition.
  • Tests and worksheets book; 229 perforated pages, three-ring-punched, softcover, 3rd Edition; selected pages may be reproduced by homeschooling families.
  • Solution Manual; 381 perforated pages, softcover, 3rd Edition.

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