Story Bible for Older Children Set

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9780921100966 & 9780888155320

This set includes both the Story Bible for Older Children (Old Testament) and Story Bible for Older Children (New Testament).

". . . was sorting through old pictures today and found this one. It was taken eleven years ago . . . on my son’s birthday party. See all those party boys listening to a beautifully told Bible story by Anne DeVries! We have read these books over and over and they are now falling apart. I would love to buy a big stack to equip my grown up children (we have nine — all busy growing) [with] these two bible story books so they can read them to their children. They are written precisely to Scripture, by a man who clearly understood God’s redemption plan and portrays it in a faith-building way. I have bought and read other Bible stories but none so able to build a child’s faith. My Mom read these books to me and my siblings in Dutch and how I loved them. So I am pleading with you to republish them." — MvV at Q, BC

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