IEW's Student Writing Intensive Level B Continuation Course

$ 199.00

Set; ISBN: 9780984010844

Finished with the The Student Writing Intensive Level B Course? Pick up where you leftoff with the Level B Continuation course! With an additional36 lessons, this course can now last you 1-2 years. Designedfor families who enjoyed and wished to continue improving their writing with the Student Writing courses, this extension will benefit those families who've already completed the corresponding Student Writing Initiative course. Course texts, handouts, checklists, grading sheets, and sample student compositions are provided on CD-ROM in PDF format and may be printed; student samples and grading sheets for lesson 3 and beyond are also included.

This level B course is intended for Grades 6-8; this course includes 9 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM that cover the following topics:

Disc One: Dress-up & Opener review, Pictures
Disc Two: Decorations, Editing,
Disc Three: Editing, Topics for Essay, Multiple Ref.
Disc Four: Decorations, Essay
Disc Five: Advanced Dress-ups/Openers, Symbols in Note-Taking
Disc Six: Decorations, Creative Writing, 5-ParagraphLetter
Disc Seven: Analyzing & Imitating Authors' Styles
Disc Eight: Critiques
Disc Nine: Triple Extensions, reviewand Final Exam

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