R.M. Ballantyne's The Lonely Island

$ 22.00

Hardback; 4th Printing Revised Edition; ISBN 9781934554197

A "rest of the story" account of the famous HMS "Bounty" mutineers who parted ways with Captain Bligh and company, "The Lonely Island" follows the mutineers to a remote, uninhabited island where they hope to finish their days in peace and quiet. For more than twenty years they remained undiscovered on Pitcairn's Island, far off the beaten sailing routes of ships at sea. "The Lonely Island," accordingly to Ballantyne, .,."is essentially a 'true story, ' the merest spider-web of fiction having been employed to bind it together." Readers of this tale discover how men without a reliance and faith in Jesus Christ, left to their own devices, will not experience peace and success. But, when God chooses to work in men's hearts, the change is remarkable.

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