What Was the Lewis & Clark Expedition? - Judith St. George

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Paperback; ISBN: 9780448479019

When Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the "Corp of Discovery" left St. Louis, Missouri, on May 21, 1804, their mission was to explore the vast, unknown territory acquired a year earlier in the Louisiana Purchase. The travelers hoped to find a waterway that crossed the western half of the United States. They didn't. However, young readers will love this true-life adventure tale of the two-year journey that finally brought the explorers to the Pacific Ocean. 

Judith St. George has published dozens of successful nonfiction books for children, including the Caldecott Medal-winning So You Want to Be President? and the historical Turning Point series, including You’re On Your Way, Teddy RooseveltStand Tall, Abe Lincoln; and Take the Lead, George Washington.

Read a review of What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition? by Risa J. Eschen (age 10)

This book was about the exciting and interesting adventures of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.  

Judith St. George did a wonderful job with her book.  She makes it easy for a young reader to read it.  And when she introduces the reader to an important person, she takes a page or two to tell a bit about that person.  I love how she does it.  

I like how Tim Foley drew his pictures, all except one page (p. 84).  On that page he draws a naked baby withnot even pants on.  But other than that Tim Foley did a great job.  Overall the book was GREAT

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