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To our valued homeschool community, customers, and friends:
For the past seven years, we have had the privilege to serve the homeschool community by offering books, curriculum, classes, and counsel.  We have also received a lot over these years as well.  Your encouragement, support, and advice has been a tremendous blessing to us all.
In light of all this, it is with sad hearts that we announce the closing of our storefront in San Ramon and our online store.  Just as we were gearing up for next year’s classes and this summer’s conventions, the civil government exercised power that it was not given authority to use (see our Civics class for a fuller explanation of this).  We joined thousands of other businesses suffering from the fallout of the economic shutdown.  Indeed, many of you are likely experiencing the same consequences.  The Eagle’s Nest, because of God’s blessing, was a ministry we were able to do on the side of our regular business.  However, we now need to use the space and our time to help our business survive these tumultuous times.
It is our hope, in the future to be able to provide at least classes again for the homeschool families in our area.  We appreciate your prayers during this time and are continually lifting you all up to the Lord.  Nothing that is happening is surprising the Risen Savior who is even right now sitting at God’s right hand, ruling and reigning.  What a comfort to know that in this time, our Lord is working all things out for our good and His glory, and that nothing is able to separate us from His love (see Romans 8).
May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek to raise up children to know God and to make Him known.
Your fellow laborers in the Kingdom of Christ,
The Eschen Families


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